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Is Invisalign Right for You?

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Invisalign is one of many technological advancements that have made orthodontic treatment less conspicuous and are one of many appliances orthodontists use to move teeth and align jaws to create a healthy, beautiful smile. While bracket-style braces can be used on some or all teeth, invisible braces are meant to be used in the whole mouth to adapt all teeth.

Receiving Invisible Braces          

Like traditional braces, aligners are designed to move teeth a little at a time. Before treatment begins, the orthodontist will examine the patient, and take diagnostic records including x-rays, photographs, and impressions or digital scans of the teeth. From that information, the orthodontist can arrive at a diagnosis then work within the aligner software to design your smile and plan the treatment process guiding teeth into healthy positions.

How They Help

Clear aligners have quite a few benefits! Other than being discreet and removable, invisible braces are comfortable and painless. If you experience adverse pain while using invisible braces, do call our office right away. Clear aligners do not interfere with speech or pronunciation, and permanent results can be achieved as fast as bracket-style braces!

Moving teeth is a complex biological process and needs start-to-finish supervision by an orthodontist who is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Most patients see their orthodontist for a check-up about every six-to-ten weeks.

The drawbacks are typical of braces: temporary pressure or discomfort when switching to a new dental tray, can be a pricier option compared to traditional braces, and this style brace may not work for your initial alignment.

Dangers of Mail-Order Aligners

Using mail-order aligners can be dangerous and bad for your teeth. Without an orthodontist to check your progress, oral health problems can result from the lack of professional care. Gum issues and tooth decay can be an issue prior to starting, while also occurring during the process of using an at-home alignment system. Irreparable damage can occur from unsupervised treatments that could lead to tooth extractions, bite problems, or dangerous infections.

Our orthodontists will perform an initial exam to identify and treat oral concerns before starting an orthodontic treatment. When using clear aligners, you can be assured that your oral health and teeth will be diligently cared for while being overseen by our doctors.

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